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The transition from redundancy to new job can be fraught with challenges, self doubt and uncertainty

Updated: Jan 8

Our Outplacement Service seeks to make the transition from redundancy to a new job as smooth as possible, offering to help, advise and support employees along the way.

We help clients by providing services not available internally within your organisation and giving organisations peace of mind that they are providing outgoing employees with the support and advice through what can be a difficult period.

Mindset and Wellbeing:

A webinar to help employees come to terms with redundancy and help them prepare emotionally and mentally to re-enter the job market.

C.V. & Job Search:

A webinar outlining CV writing best practice and tips, how to get your application to stand out, how to best target a job search. Includes a 1-2-1 consultation to draw out strengths, and establish career requirements including role type, business type, location & salary, plus ongoing contact throughout their job search.

Making the most of social media:

A webinar including LinkedIn profile tips and tricks, maximising an employee’s social reach, plus advice for do’s and don’ts on social media.

Interview techniques & advice:

A webinar covering both video and face to face interviewing techniques: How to prepare, tips, do’s and don’ts, as well as questions to ask.

Access to an online resource centre which contains over 50 hours of relevant content, videos, articles, support material and blogs to help employees find a new role as quickly as possible. This curated online resource is specifically targeted to the redundancy journey.

With prices from as little as £399 + V.A.T. per person.

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Please contact Robinson Grace HR for further advice and support via or call us on 01793 311937 to see if we can help you

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