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Recruitment & Development

We offer support in recruitment and development. To find out more about how we can support you, get in touch.

Payroll Services

We are partnered with three trusted UK payroll organisations that can help you get to grips with a whole host of payroll challenges, providing a refreshing relief from the complexities of payroll, ensuring compliance and helping you avoid fines from HMRC.

We have a whole range of payroll bureau services to choose from!

Payroll can be a difficult thing to stay on top of. So whether you’re a small business, a growing organisation, or a well-established company, one our responsive outsourced payroll partners can help.

Please contact us to find out more and discuss your requirements.


Occupational Health Referrals

We have partnered with Clarity Occupational Health to provide Robinson Grace clients with access to comprehensive Occupational Health services, including health surveillance, safety critical medicals, needs assessments, absence management, health and wellness programmes, as well as a full range of diagnostics and treatments.

There will be times when an OH referral is helpful to help employees manage the challenges they face when returning to work or whilst at work, or to provide sickness absence prognosis and advice. Referrals are booked within 4-7 working days, pre and post consultations with the employer are offered and thorough reports are delivered within 24 hours in most cases.

Clarity provide a network of Counsellors, Physiotherapists and Occupational Health Physicians across the UK with varying specialisms to provide solutions focussed Occupational Health support to our clients who may not have their own Occupational Health partner.

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