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The Perils of Christmas for Pets

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

As wellbeing Champion at Robinson Grace HR Consultancy, I take my role seriously and want to highlight to one and all how dangerous Christmas can be.

As furry workers, we like to explore our work environment and stretch our legs regularly (and encourage others to do so too).

At Christmas time, there is just so much to explore, and we are inquisitive creatures!

Firstly all those biscuits, mince pies and tins of chocolates – lots of human treats can upset tummies, and chocolate and raisins which can be toxic to dogs, often necessitating an emergency dash to the vets and that nasty charcoal they make us eat to be sick.

I shiver at the memory!

Make sure all staff and visitors know that no matter how much we turn on those puppy eyes, these toxic treats are out of bounds for us.

Then there are the presents that arrive. Who doesn’t love opening a parcel to be a helpful pup?

Edible treats may disappear before anyone even notices that the postie has delivered!

All that wrapping and ribbon can be a choking hazard too.

It’s my tiny apprentice’s first Christmas and she still explores everything with her mouth and chews everything!

I’ve no idea why it’s suddenly OK to have a tree in the office when I get told off for bringing sticks back from our strategy planning walks, but apparently Christmas is an exception, so we have a tree in the office. It’s nice, but I like the shiny baubles more than the tree. Cables can be a trip and chew hazard for those of us lower to the ground, and there’s always the challenge of pulling things off the tree and the whole thing toppling over.

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