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How Using HR Software Can Benefit Your Organisation


With continuous development in technology and the accessibility of digital tools increasing, organisations can only benefit by becoming more efficient in what can be simple but time-consuming essential HR processes. And let’s face it, who wants to be running excel spreadsheets for holiday calculations?


HR software combines and streamlines simple people processes to improve visibility of workforce administration, employee engagement, and consistency of messaging.


This blog outlines the key benefits of using HR software and how using it can support your organisation and your employees by ditching that disorganised paperwork and those manual long-winded processes for a more automated approach.


Improve Efficiency & Visibility of Performance

Keeping track of accurate attendance and timesheets can be time consuming and difficult when done manually. HR software allows your employees to electronically make holiday requests, submit timesheets, submit expenses and record absences from apps or web-based platforms from their location.


With current and accurate reports available when you need them, payroll accuracy is improved, and absence tracking is simplified.


Making Informed Decisions

HR software instantly gives access to useful and accurate data regarding staffing costs, holiday planning, absenteeism, employee engagement and skills gaps that can be used to make informed business decisions and keep key stakeholders informed on business performance.


Enhancing Employee Experience

With integrated performance management tools and training and development record visibility, employees can engage with their own career development and set goals for their future, empowering employees as well as developing the organisation.


Self Service

Employee experience is also enhanced through the ability to update personal details, access information about their own payslips, pensions and benefits without the need to wait for responses from management.


Robinson Grace HR Consultancy partners with WorkSmarter

To provide seamless, intuitive and easy to use HR Information Software to our clients, we work with WorkSmarter, an easy-to-use HR software created for growing organisations by HR professionals.


The holiday planner and absence management service help organisations of all sizes keep their teams running on schedule while managing project budgets. Other key features include:

  • Legal Alerts – receive practical advice whenever changes are made to UK HR law.

  • Company Announcements – send announcements to key employees and keep track of who has read them and when.

  • Timesheets & Attendance – keep track of staff time, see who is currently at work and improve payroll accuracy.

  • Training Records – keep records of all staff training and send reminders.

  • Expenses & Mileage – easily review submissions, manage flexible budgets and use automatic calculations.

  • Digital HR Files – store employee documentation securely and fully encrypted.

  • Applicant Tracking System – track recruitment applicants, schedule interviews and manage the entire hiring process.

  • New Employee Onboarding – upload employment contracts for new recruits and securely issue them for digital signing.


To find out more about how to benefit from WorkSmarter’s HR software, take a look at Smart HR Software for Managing Teams | WorkSmarter or contact us via


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The content of our blogs is intended for general information and not to replace legal or other professional advice.


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